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Scheduled show ! Date: Oct 10th @ 10:16pm EDT
Guys in 30 minutes, my scheduled show starts, see you in my room :)
Love you Date: Oct 10th @ 12:53am EDT
I am coing online in a few minutes guys muah
The best lyrics... Date: Sep 16th @ 11:01am EDT
He's laughing with another girl
And playing with another heart
Placing high stakes, making hearts ache
He's loved in seven languages
Jewel box life diamond nights and ruby lights, high in the sky
Heaven help him, when he falls
Diamond life, lover boy
He move in space with minimum waste and maximum joy
City lights and business nights
When you require streetcar desire for higher heights

No place for beginners or sensitive hearts
When sentiment is left to chance
No place to be ending but somewhere to start

No need to ask
He's a smooth operator
Smooth operator, smooth operator
Smooth operator

Coast to coast, LA to Chicago, western male
Across the north and south, to Key Largo, love for sale

Face to face, each classic case
We shadow box and double cross
Yet need the chase

A license to love, insurance to hold
Melts all your memories and change into gold
His eyes are like angels but his heart is cold

No need to ask
He's a smooth operator
Smooth operator, smooth operator
Smooth operator

Coast to coast, LA to Chicago, western male
Across the north and south, to Key Largo, love for sale

Smooth operator, smooth operator
Smooth operator, smooth operator
Smooth operator, smooth operator
Smooth operator, smooth operator
Smooth operator, smooth operator
Happy :) Date: Nov 18th @ 2:18am EST
It was just an average wednesday morning until someone knocked on my door...yes it was delivery guy that makes me feel good recieving something new but this time it was even better because soemone has ordered it for me, so i quickly signed the paper and closed the door so i could finally start opening the box....i opened it and there was another box in there but it was shoe box OMG i love shoes so i opened the shoe box and they were there beautifull black high heel platform shoes from my wishlistthose i wanted the most from my wishlist it made me so happy you dodn't even know, because it was kinda surprise for me..Thank you Mike i love them! you made me very happy that day when i recieved them :) So yesterday i had to leave because i was going to seee movie called "In Time" Oh my god it was great i really liked it and I recommend it...here is a little bit of it. The year is 2161. Genetic alteration has allowed humanity to develop a system where individuals stop aging 25 years after birth. Due to over-population concerns, 'living time' has replaced money as the standard currency and people must acquire more time through labor and commercial means after turning 25 years of age, or die within a year. Their amount of living time left are embedded on their arms like a wristwatch. when that clock reaches 13 zeros (0000:00:0:00:00:00) they will die instantly. Each social class lives in a different area called a 'Time Zone'. The poor live in the ghettos of Dayton and work each day to earn a few more hours of life, which they must also use to pay for everyday necessities. The rich live in the luxurious New Greenwich, and can live for centuries to millennia based on how much time they have acquired.
Leo Woman - me ( part 3 ) Date: Nov 17th @ 5:10am EST
Hey guys how are you ? I had a few days off i didn't feel well and also i had party in my apartment on wednesday so i was kinda too busy to go online..but today i hope i will finally get online :) So here is the third and the last part of my star sign ....
They love and pamper their kids silly, but also demand respect from them. They will be disciplined and have impeccable manners. Leo woman will be proud of you as well as her kids. She wants her independence and will give you yours too. At the same time, she is extremely jealous and possessive and even the slightest suspicion can make her go mad. So, better not try to play the jealousy invoking tricks on her. She doesn\'t warm up to strangers, but she will not give them the cold shoulder also.

Leo women are very popular amongst the opposite sex and they like to receive male attention and compliments. So, you will get plenty of reasons to be jealous. Remember that all this assures her that she is good enough, but she will always be in love with you. With the Leo girl, you have to maintain a difficult balance. Don\'t let her control you, but then don\'t make her feel dominated too. If you manage to do all this, you will be getting the love of a woman most of the other men just dream about! Ok guys i hope you liked the reading i gotta go now hope to see you later today online :)
Leo Woman - me ( part 2 ) Date: Nov 16th @ 2:33am EST
Ok here is the second part about my start sign i hope you like it :)

In return, she will also shower you expensive gifts. The lioness may become a little arrogant and proud at times, but these are some of her basic personality traits. She cannot help thinking of herself above the normal masses and please don't tell her she's not.You will break her big, warm heart. A Leo woman who is respected, loved and cherished will become one of the most agreeable as well as the kindest person on this earth. She will care for the kids and help the needy. The lioness is a combination of intelligence, wit, strength and talent, mixed with generous amounts of feminine charm. This is what makes her irresistible. The best way to make her do anything is flatter her and she will even do the tiniest of chores for you. Never stop her from having a career after marriage.It will keep her busy, happy and contended. She will be the best wife and the perfect hostess, who knows how to charm the guests. Leo women are not very careful about money and you will have to restrain her in this aspect. She can indulge in extravagance to fulfill her desire for exquisite furnishings, home décor, gifts for friends or even her own clothes. However, one thing is for sure, neither her home nor she will ever look ordinary. Her taste may be a bit expensive, but it is also excellent. Leo females make affectionate mothers.Continue tomorow boys
Leo Woman - me :) Date: Nov 15th @ 6:21am EST
Guys i have a thing about star signs let's see what they say about me..have fun reading *LEO*

There is one thing that most of the Leo women never falls short of - male attention. She will most probably be the center of attention everywhere and if you are trying to woo her, be ready to get lots of competition. She will be the leader of her group and the other members will always accept her out of choice. The typical characteristics profile of a Leo woman includes qualities like liveliness, ingenuity, elegance, beauty, and sensuality. She is one of those who love, respect and care for their partners, but don't expect her to worship you.She wouldn't be dominated; rather she has to be restrained. She is a complete woman and she expects you to be a real man. If you meet a Leo girl who comes across as very gentle, mellowed and completely harmless, don't get fooled. Inside, she is as passionate as any other Leo woman. If you are planning to give her a gift; better make sure that it is classy and as per her superior taste. Please be properly dressed while giving the gift. If you are trying to win the heart of a Leo female, give her genuine, decent and original compliments. While courting her, never forget that she likes class and style. Don't even think of going to the roadside hamburger stall after watching the movie. She is not after money, but shabby surroundings make her pretty uncomfortable..do you like it so far? Continue tomorow muahh
hello lovers ! Date: Nov 3rd @ 4:03am EDT
mmmmmm what nice thursday morning we have here ! yesterday when i finally came bacl home i was really tired i woke up early at morning i was cleaning my apprtament..then i went shopping with my friend and then i was doing her fake nails and we wasn't even finished yet and we had to go pick up her bpoy friend from work once we picked him up we set up time when we meet in gym it was like in 40 minutes so i went home took a shower did laundry and went to gym afetr i returned from gym i was so tired but i watched tv for a while and went to bed around 11 pm...i was dreaming i was back at my vacation again lol and suddenly i heard that bad annoying sound yes it was my alarm omg it was set up on 5 30 am i laid in my bed until 6 am hehe then i went to take shower and porepare for you guys and right now im sitting in my party chat topless waiting for you guys to tip me so i can start playing with my little wet pink pussy oh god thimking of it im getting wetter and wetter....Ok im serious now lol i am online right now and i will be here for like next 8 hours so don't hesitate to come and visit me we will have a lot of fun as always..I can't wait to have my first orgasm this morning..see you in my room
Good Morning! Date: Nov 2nd @ 4:45am EDT
How you doing my lovers ? I was not online since monday and i already miss you...i got stuff to do of course can't be online more :( I will try to get online tomorow :) So i am really happy today because they finally announced the winners of halloween promos and i won one for collecting pumpkins from most customers :)) i begged like crazy for them lol but it was worth it and im glad it's over because i don't have to beg anymore. So i want to say big thank you to those 95 guys who sent me the pumpkin I really appreciate your help guys it mean's a lot to me there would be no pumpkin contest without you hehe big kiss for everyone who helped and wished me good luck..Oh i see there is already a topic in forums about it i should go there and thanks everyone again im not sure how many guys really read these blogs...I have busy day today so i gotta go soon, I need to clean my appartment for a bit, do some laundry and then i go buy new winter coat cause it got too cold in here and then i will do my friends nails so i guess i will not make it to go online today but tomorow for sure guys ! BTW i have added some new toys in my wishlist XMAS is coming go and check it out and get me something..I can't wait i already have my xmas costume ready hehe see you guys muah
story time part 4 Date: Oct 28th @ 3:14am EDT
...grabbed the paddle and started to spank my ass until I made him cum in my mouth.I stood up and walked over to him and he put a coller on me with a leash attached and led me down stairs and to the garage where he had a machine and he hooked me up to it. I was not sure what was going to happen but I was going to find out. HE hooked me hands to hook bar in front of me and my feet to the floor and took out my toys and then he turned it on. suddenly two arms came up and grabbed my nipples and pulled them down towards the floor and two toys were fucking my ass and pussy. He then locked my head in this harnese and it had a ring gag on it. He then pushed another button and my ass was getting spanked hard with a paddle and he put his cock in my mouth and fucks my mouth. when he is done he pushes another button and there is a dildo that is being shoves in my mouth and out in and out my this machine. he goes on to tell me that I am to stay like this until he returns at noon and he will feed me as times goes by he returned finally and asked me if I will be good yet I muffled mmmhhhm. he said ok. He turns off my mouth dildo and takes off my head gear and said here suck on me now. So I openedup my mouth and sucked on him like there was no tommorow. he then turns off the machine and lets me off and said ok now you and I are going to the cabin so be ready.

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