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story time part 3 Date: Oct 27th @ 12:19am EDT
...wet it. He then pulled it out and pushed it inch by inch and I was screaming. He said you will get use to it. You will also every night you will put your cuffs on and you will put your toys in you and you will kneel in front of me and suck on my dick and please me until i send you to bed. Are we understood. I said yes I will. He then took out a ping pong paddle and he spanked my ass about 50 times and He stood me up and put nipple clamps on me and said you are to stay like this until 2:45 Then you are to shower and dress. Remember what I said. He left and
I said yes sir I will.
So that night I striped off my cloths and I got out my new toys and I got out my cuffs and padddle. Then I got on the bed and put my dildo in my pussy and turned it on. I then put some lubracinte on my butt plugg and slowly put it in all the way and turned it on. I put my Cuffs on and grabbed my new paddle and went down to himand handed him the paddle and knelt inm front of him. He then Grabbed my hair and shoved his cockinmy mouth and said suck on this for a while. Now he said you called me and you were not to cal me so you will be punished! He grabbed the paddle and started to spank my ass until.....
story time part 2 Date: Oct 26th @ 1:51am EDT
he removes my G-string and hogties me on the kitchen floor and shoves a towel in my mouth and taps it in place. he says now don't move I will return about 10 minutes later he returns with a black bag and places it on the coffee table, then picks me up and puts me on the couch. He places a blind fold over my eyes. I am laying there half naked hogtied gagged and blind folded for what seems like hrs but I hear alot of noise. He puts me on he floor and unties my feet and the next thing I knew I had my feet in the air and I was hanging upside down. He then pulled The tape off and the towel out of my mouth and shoved his dick in my mouth and he fucked my mouth for an hour. He then took off my blind fold adn he said," ok now you will preform for me every morning and you will be ready for me when I come in you will me naked and you cuffs on and you will have these in and on or else. Then I look up and see you holding up 2 things a Very Large butt plug and I mean large, and he had a large dildo. He got me down and bent me over the table and He put the dildo in my pussy and I thought It would rip me in 2. Then he took the butt plug and he put it in my mouth and said....
Story time ! Date: Oct 25th @ 4:02am EDT
It was one of the days, you know alot to do and not enough time to do it. Well my roomate left to the work so i started with my fav thing to do cleaning :)
Well I had cleaned the kitchen and the living room and it was time to do the yard. So I Got on my shorts and a tank top and went outside. I was pulling weeds and I was apporched by a stranger and he said It looks like you need some help I said it's ok I got it he said I live down the street and I can help why don't I mow your yard and help you out a little bit. I spoke up and said I cnn't pay you?
He said well we will work it out don't worry now ok.
So He mowed the yard washed the car and trimmed the bushes and swept the driveway. He then saw me go inside I was pouring a glass of lemonade and I was turning to bring it out to him. I saw him come in he said I hope you don't mind I am finished I just wanted to let you know. I said I so appreciate your help. If I can I make you something or give you help in any way let me know.
He siad there is one thing You can do for me I was not looking at him , I replied what's that he grabbed my arms and cuffed me and bent me over the kitchen table and said Yes you can suck my cock now or I will tell everyone what horny lil slut you are.I said no I don't want that .... so he reaches around in front of me and un buttons my pants and pulls them off...continue tomorow :)
Sunday ! Date: Oct 23rd @ 8:36am EDT
Hello everyone! yes im finally back from a vacation and this is my frist blog so far since i left and came back :) So this sunday isnt really nice i expect sunday to be sunny and beautifull but i woke up to ugly rainy weather :( Ah well..so right now im online yes i am hehe and im sitting in my room totally naked waiting for soemone to take me pvt and make me cum finally.. i had already few privates but didnt cum yet..i was fucking my pussy then using anal beads in my butt then again fucking my pussy and then using anal beads and fucking my pussy at same time and then fucking my butt with my fav toy 13 inch big blak dildo and still idnt have a chance to cum.. could u belive that ? So here is how i would like to cum today..Well first u have to take me pvt hehe then i would like to have a foreplay with you mmmm i would be telling you what i want to do to you and you would be telling me what you want to do to me and then when you are ready and hard as rock and my oussy is really wet and hungry for you hard cock start fucking me mmm im getting wet thinking of it again hehe so keep fucking me until i cum and squirt all over your cock and then once im satisfied you cum in my mouth mmmmm what do u think ? any volunteers ? See you guys in my room muah
Friday! Date: Sep 30th @ 1:34pm EDT
Friday is here guys i bet most of you are happy cause you will get some rest off work :) I had a great day today, I woke up at 5 am had a breakfast,shower i put on some make up and i went online..I had great shift as well especially because of my shoe slave who been really good boy today and did for me all i wanted ! After i was finsihed here i had lunch and shower and went to gym oh my god finally last time in gym before vacation but i hope where im going there will be gym as well so i can workout at least a little so i don't come back home too lazy.On saturday it will be my last time being online before my vacation so you guys make sure to cum visit me and say good bye ! So after i came back from a gym i went to bank to withdraw some cash for my vacation and also i went to shopping mall to buy some things i needed for travelling..i also went to hairdresser to cut my hair little bit i need to do that from time to time so it looks healthy :) OK i go to tan bed now and then go to bed see you on saturday morning byeee
hmmmm Date: Sep 29th @ 12:05pm EDT
Hey guys! How you doing today ? Me not so well..i did dye my hair yesterday and it didnt turn as good as i wanted to so i was little mad this morning i had to wash it again and i wasnot really in mood to go online so i have done little bit of cleaning and watching my fav tv show its american tv show and it's called "My new house" it's about people who buy cheap old house and then they invest money for the renovation so they can sell it later, i really like to watch stuff like this maybe once i will have my own company lol you never know..so then i was cooking lunch i had fish with potatoes and carrot it was really good i was so full after i ate it i had to rest for some again lol After the resting i went to gym with my friend we had really good workout hehe almost whole time just talking, it's never good to go to gym with friend it's not possible to avoid the talking..im going to eat dinner now and i will go to bed early cause i want to be online early at morning :) probably night for most of you guys..see you tomorow! miss me already ? no problem watch some of my VOD's :D
Busy! Date: Sep 28th @ 5:01pm EDT
Happy Wednesday ! My wednesday was really busy i was online 3 hours at the morning then i went to the doctor to check out my boobies (he said they are nice and soft) and then i was doing my friends nails and then mine nails oh my god and then my toenails as soon as i was finished i had to go to gym i had hard legs workout..when i returned from gym i started dying my hair but the colour i want to have needs to colour it twice so right now im already on 2nd phase of colouring hope it will look as good as i want ! When i wash my hair i will go straight to bed im really tired :( And i have to wake up early tomorow again and then go to gym...my vacation is really close so i need to go to gym everyday so i look fit in my mini bikini lol...im writing this blog right now because i must have the colour for around 30 minutes on my hair ah well maybe i should go oline for those 30 minutes? Nahhhh bad idea bad bad hehe Ok i betetr go now wash my hair and get to bed..cant wait to masturbate with you again tomorow lol bye muah
Tuesday Date: Sep 27th @ 5:53pm EDT
I planned to be online yesterday but i couldn't do it ! I was cleaning the closet i have in my apartment i store there stuff i dont use and also some boxes etc so i cleaned it out cause it was full lol it took me few hours and throwed out so many things i didnt really need at all and they were just taking room..then i started cleaning out my wardrobe oh my god another few hours hehe and then i cleaned my room where i work i cleaned every possible thing hehe I also went shopping for groceries neeeded some more food before i leave for my vacation :) Today i woke up at 8 am and continue cleaning i want to have nice and clean appartemnt when i come back from my vacation so i dont have to waste time cleaning up and i can straight go online...I went also for coffee with my friend its been too long (few days ) and we needed to tell eachother new gossips hehe..anyway i should go to bed now i have to wake up early tomorow at around 6 or 7 am to go online because later i have appointment and then i do my freinds nails and i might also dye my hair tomorow its growing too fast !!!!!! Ok my perverts see you tomorow muaahhhh watch my VOD's while im gone if u miss me !!!!
wooooooo Date: Sep 26th @ 12:47am EDT
Well i have to tell you boys the Sunday was as good as i expected thank you so much for doing me a company and for your support i couldn't do it without my favourite boys..you know who you (let me know if u want me to name yu for next time lol)are !!!!! Especially guy named dotfire who really revealed big secret of mine yes im online every single on here and i do nothing all days only sleep and relax..thx for letting us know...Anyway im leaving on my vacation on sunday really early morning so last day online will be probably saturday and until thne i will try to be online a lot because i will be gone long long very long 12 days maybe more dont know exactly hehe Oh My God im getting tired its 6 40 am here as im writing this guys..you see what all i do for you ? ??? hehe Yout treated me really nice tonight guys i have recievd plenty of power boost points i will be spoiled now..ok i think i should go to bed now its really late in here and i neeed my beauty sleep you know ...dont miss me too much guys i will be back, i am going to dream about ....guess what it is and email me byeee
Sunday Date: Sep 25th @ 10:44am EDT
It's Sunday Guys Oh my god how much i love sundays i hope this one will be as great as all sundays always are...but this sunday i didnt go to church as i planned i was awake too long last night ciuldn't sleep and then i had bad dreams however im still feeling great even i slept until 2 pm ah well..right now as im writing this blog im online laying on my back with my legs spread and waiting for someone to come and play with me so i can finally play with my horny wet tight pussy until i cum hard ! I want to start with rubing my pussy and fingering my ass once my ass is stretched enough i will put my anal beads inside my asshole one after one mmmmmmmmm once my anal beads are in and deep enough i ll start rubbing and spreading my pussy again then fingering it omg and then i ll take my favourite toy and start fucking that tight wet pussy of mine imagine its your big cock thorbbing inside me fucking me so deep until i cum realy hard and maybe even squirt mmmmmmmmm im so horny as im writing this lol...hope to see you guys in my room hurry hurry hurry

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